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I’ve been birding all my life.

I’ve enjoyed watching birds since I was 10. Early on, it was sibling rivalry with my brothers which provided the most satisfaction. But as an adult, I get a thrill when I’m out in a field, overlooking a marsh, or standing at a hawkwatch. Even on family vacations, I always find a bit of time to seek out a birding area. I never go anywhere without binoculars. After decades, I am hooked.

Over the past ten years, I offered “Birding with Marc” as a fundraiser for several charity auctions. Sharing the joy of my hobby with people who were trying it out for a lark and found excitement provided a different kind of satisfaction: watching someone else experience for the first time the beauty of a Rose-breasted Grosbeak in a leafy tangle, or the grace of a Great Blue Heron flying over a marsh at sunrise.

Now I am bringing my expert ability to see those eye-popping, jaw-dropping moments to others with Bee-Eater Birding. I am offering my 50+ years of birding experience and sense of wonder to you, whether you are completely new to birding, or just have never experienced birding in my local geography.

Come join me! Let’s go see them!

Why Bee-Eater Birding?

Bee-Eaters are impossibly beautiful birds of Eurasia. While you’re not likely to ever see one in the western hemisphere, their bright colors (I love color) and gregarious nature (like mine) inspired the name.

The World Series of Birding

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel‘s segment “Bird Brains” featured my team, 1000birds:

Each year, more than a dozen teams set out to prove they are the best in the world at one of the most unusual competitions ever: bird watching. The eagle-eyed observers set out across the great state of New Jersey to participate in a contest lasting 24 consecutive hours. The team that spots and identifies the greatest number and variety of birds within that period is declared the winner with a grand prize of…zero dollars.

Photo courtesy HBO

In 2018, Audubon Magazine profiled my team, 1000birds, in their article “Inside Birding’s Most Dramatic 24 Hours.”

Thoughts on Birding

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Garret Mountain, “like the old days”

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