Thoughts on Birding

Thoughts on Birding

One of those days…but with a phenomenal ending

My brother Scott and I always try to spend one long day together each Spring, birding southern Jersey. Last Saturday, May 21, was our day together. Although it promised to be beastly hot, I had lined up a “tour” of[MORE]

Garret Mountain, “like the old days”

Although the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology’s “Birdcast” app suggested that only 59,000 birds moved across all of Essex County last night, and an equal number moved across all of Passaic, who would have predicted that so many of them would[MORE]

Encounter with a Ruffed Grouse family

For those who have never been, the Dryden Kuser Natural Area (generally known as “Kuser Bog” or, if you’re typing fast and your ‘phone autocorrects, “Kaiser Bog”) is a wonderful place for a 90 minutes to two-hour birding stroll. It’s[MORE]

You know it’s a good day when…

…you arrive at what you think is going to be a quick stop (Wagner Arboretum in Warren), and you spend 2-1/2 hours there; …you see your “target” species (Vesper Sparrow) not once, but four times over the course of the[MORE]

Reflections on a Deceased Wader

I feel inspired to write some thoughts about the Wood Stork first spotted last weekend at Cape May. I was genuinely saddened upon reading yesterday of its death. I had observed the bird roosting in the pond at the Beanery[MORE]

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